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We ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. We use this questionnaire to find the right accommodation, in the best location available.

Please note: this is not a confirmed booking. We do not guarantee the placement until payment has been received by Bell Accommodation Services. Prices depend on location and availability at the time of booking

  • No advance payment. Pay only after you have seen and approved the photos and the accommodation details.
  • The bedrooms in all accommodations are private

Application Form
How did you hear about Bell Accommodation Services?

First Name:

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Last Name:

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First Language:

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Do you smoke:

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(Please note: smoking outdoors only).

How many months will you stay in Vancouver:

First night at your accommodation:

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Last night at your accommodation:

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Name of School or business where you will study or work:

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of school or business in Vancouver where you will study or work

Do you require airport pick-up ($60.00):

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Will you have a car in Vancouver:

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Accommodation preference:

Please note : All bedrooms are private

Please list your first and second choice (CAD)

First Choice
Student house (450.00/650.00)
Roommate (550.00/750.00)
Studio (750.00/1200.00)
One bedroom (895.00/1800.00)
Two bedroom (1400.00 and up)
Second Choice
Student house (450.00/650.00)
Roommate (550.00/750.00)
Studio (750.00/1200.00)
One bedroom (895.00/1800.00)
Two bedroom (1400.00 and up)

Price range:

When considering your accommodation budget please remember that all accommodations are fully furnished. Your one monthly payment includes heat, light, water, phone (local calls only) and cable. Fully furnished including kitchen equipment, all linen and towels.

Make sure your total monthly accommodation budget includes all the above items.

Lowest Price:

Highest Price:

Canadian or US dollars: Canadian      US

In a shared accommodation, are you willing to live with pets:
No      Yes

The majority of Canadians have pets, but they are not allowed in your private room.
Choosing to live with pets will give you more choices.

Are you travelling with children or pets:

Children:      No      Yes

If yes, please complete the following:

Child 1 - Age: Gender:

Child 2 - Age: Gender:

Child 3 - Age: Gender:

- More than three children

Pets:      No      Yes

There are a very small number of furnished accommodations that allow pets. Please provide as much information on your pet as possible. Name, type of pet, age, weight, long hair or shorthair etc:

Total number of people requiring accommodation
Total Number of People:

Total number of guests who will visit with you for any period of time during your stay
Total Number of Guests:

Please indicate who the guests are and how long they will be staying:

Emergency contact (optional):

Additional notes:

Do not close the window until confirmation is received.


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